Participate in Huobi Global Experience Ambassador event, get an exclusive NFT avatar and enjoy great

In order to improve service quality and optimize user experience, Huobi Global has launched the Experience Ambassador event on June 16th. So join now! 

If you qualify as our honorary Ambassador, you will receivegreat rewards.

How to participate:

1. Users can join the Huobi Global Telegram groupaccording to their language and submit suggestions through the group announcement.

2. The staff will sort the suggestions weekly and select Huobi Global Experience Ambassadors, Progress Awards and Participation Awards according to suggestion adoptions.

3. Winners will receive generous rewards from the platform and an exclusive NFT avatar.

Participation link:

Huobi User Experience Link:

Award rules:

There are three  awards and five spots for the Experience Ambassador event: 3 Experience Ambassadors, one Progress Award and one Participation Award

Experience Ambassador Award: the numbers of valid suggestions submitted by users will be ranked, withthe top three users awarded

Experience Ambassador Progress Award: based on the weekly difference of valid suggestions submitted by users, the user with the biggest increment will get the Progress Award

Experience Ambassador Participation Award: ranked according to the number of submissions, the highest ranked user with adopted suggestions will get the participation award. If the top user has no adopted suggestion, the next highest user will take the place, and so on.


● If a user gets one of the awards, he/she will not be considered for other awards and the next highest-ranked user in order will be considered.

● Users need to complete the identity verification (KYC) before participating in the event, otherwise users are deemed to voluntarily give up reward collection and the next user in line will be considered.

● Feedback and suggestions provided by users through other channels will not be counted in this event.

Evaluation Cycle:

Every Monday, the content of the suggestions will be sorted and evaluated.

Reward Details:

Award Name


Experience Ambassador Award

1. SHIB1000000

2. 20U point cards

3. 30% USDT interest coupon

4. Exclusive NFT avatar

Experience Progress Award

1. SHIB300000

2. 5U point cards

Experience Participation Award

Distribution Cycle:

Rewards will be issued within three business days from the notification of award.


Huobi Global

June 17, 2022


Huobi Global reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel this event at any time, without notice, and for any reason.




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